CCPO CIRCULATION is published three times a year by the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography. The newsletter informs the research community and our sponsors of center activities. CCPO CIRCULATION highlights research projects, accomplishments of our students, sponsored activities, grants awarded, publications, presentations, and general Center news.
Spring 2005 "Large Eddy Simulation of Langmuir Circulation in Shallow Water"
Fall 2004 "Impact of CO2-induced Warming on Simulated Hurricane Intensity and Precipitation"
Spring 2004 "Technical Requirements for a Real-Time Oceanographic Mooring at LEO-15"
Spring 2003 "Worldwide Coastal Ocean Research at CCPO"
Summer 2002 "Workshop Promotes Safe Navigation, Training for Marine Pilots"
Winter 2002 "High School Students Learn by Direct Experiences on the Effect of Dry Conditions on the Water Properties of a Subtributary to the Chesapeake Bay"
Summer 2001 "Oceanographic Research in the Antarctic"
Spring 2001 "Remarks from a New Arrival: Dr. Ann Gargett"
Fall 2000 "Worldwide Coastal Ocean Research at CCPO"
Spring 2000 "Cruising the Southern Ocean"
Spring 1999 "Studying Earth's Environment from Space"
Winter 1999 "Identifying Different Flow Constituents in Estuaries"
Fall 1998 "Renewed Effort by Mexican Oceanographers to Understand the Dynamics of Coastal Lagoons"
Summer 1998 "Bay Mouth Climatology"
Spring 1998 "Steve and Lou's Excellent Antarctic Adventure: Anectodal Observations of Birds, Ocean, and Human Zaniness at the Polar Front"
Winter 1998 "Coastal Oceanographic Research Experiences in Chile"
Fall 1997 "CCPO, ODU, and Internet2"
Summer 1997 "HF RADAR: Is It Ready for Prime Time?"
Spring 1997 "Fostering Oceanographic Collaboration in Cameroon"
Winter 1996 "The Ocean Mesoscale"
Fall 1995 "Oysters: Streamed, Fried, or Simulated"
Summer 1995 "The U.S. Coastal Ocean is in Alaska!"
Spring 1995 "The NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program"
Fall 1994 "Modeling Circulation and Larval Transport in the Chesapeake Bay"
Summer 1994 "Large influences from smal features: Submarine Canyons"
Spring 1994 "The MPC Project"
Winter 1994 "Hydrographic Observations in the Chesapeake Bay Mouth"
Fall 1993 "Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)

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