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Dr Larry P. Atkinson

Eminent Professor; Samuel L. and Fay M. Slover Chair of Oceanography

Recent Publications

2003. Valle-Levinson, L. P. Atkinson, D. Figueroa, and Leonardo Castro. Flow induced by upwelling winds in an equatorward facing bay: Gulf of Arauco, Chile. Journal of Geophysical Research. DOI:1-.1-29/2001JC001272. 108:6.

2003 Caceres, M., A. Valle-Levinson and L. Atkinson. Observations of cross-channel structure of flow in an energetic tidal channel. J. Geophys. Res., 108(4) 11-1 to 11-10.

2004 Li, Chunyan, A. Valle-Levinson, L. P. Atkinson, K. C. Wong, K. M. N. Lwiza. Estimation of drag coefficient in James River Estuary using tidal velocity data from a vessel-towed ADCP.J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 109, No. C3, C03034. 10.1029/2003JC001991

2005 Atkinson, L. P., J. Huthnance, J. L. Blanco. Circulation, mixing and the distribution of remineralized nutrients. in The Seas volume 13. Edited by A. R. Robinson and K. H. Brink. Harvard Press. pp. 227-267.

2006 Kumar, Ajoy, A. Valle-Levinson and L. P. Atkinson. Overrunning of shelf water in the southern Mid-Atlantic Bight. Progress in Oceanography. 70. 213-232.



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