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Agenda, April 2005

Third NASA IDS Team Meeting
4-5 April 2005

Building 28, Room E210
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD

4 April
1300 1.0 Welcome and local logistics (McClain)
Note: Paula Bontempi will be attending part of the team meeting and may want to make some comments at the start.
1315 2.0 Update on project activities since last meeting, including action items (Hofmann, McClain)
1345 3.0 Updates on project component activities (20-30 minute presentations)
3.1 Satellite-derived data sets from SAB (Signorini, McClain)
3.2 Primary production estimates from satellite data and VGPM2:Northeast (O'Reilly)
3.3 DOC, POC, chlorophyll, etc. data sets (Mannino, Lee)
3.4 Update on field sampling activities (Mannino)
3.5 Biological model available for South Atlantic Bight (Hofmann, Friedrichs)
3.6 Circulation model update (Wilkin)
1515 Coffee Break
1545 Continue component presentation
1730 Adjourn for Day
1830 Dinner
5 April
0830 Review of previous day activities (Hofmann, McClain)
0845 Continue component presentations
3.7 Biogeochemical model update (Fennel)
3.8 Comparisons between ROMS, in situ, and satellite estimates of chlorophyll, productivity, POC, PAR, etc. (Wilkin, O'Reilly, Fennel, Signorini)
3.9 Implementation of 1D model for SAB and data assimilation studies (Friedrichs)
3.9.5 Regional climate model (Najjar)
1015 Coffee Break
1045 4.0 Discussion of modifications, improvements, etc. needed for biogeochemical and ecosystem models (All)
1215 Lunch
1315 Continue discussion of model structure
5.0 Discussion of the data products/analyses that are needed to guide the circulation, biogeochemical/carbon cycling model development, calibration and verification, including development of data climatologies (All)
1500 Coffee Break
6.0 Discussion of potential circulation, biogeochemical, and climate simulations to be undertaken (All)
7.0 Project business
7.1 People needs, e.g., post doctoral investigators and students (McClain, Hofmann)
7.2 Project communication - biweekly teleconferences
7.3 Project funding issues (Hofmann)
7.4 ROSES Solicitation (McClain)
7.5 Team web site (Hofmann)
7.6 Goddard computer account (Hofmann)
7.7 Coordination with other projects (Hofmann, McClain)
7.8 Upcoming Meetings - Ocean Color Meeting (April 2005), Ocean Sciences 2006 (development of special session proposal), Others? (Hofmann)
7.9 Set date and venue for next team meeting (Hofmann)
7.9.5 Other Business (All)
1730 Adjourn

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