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Agenda, March 2006

Fifth NASA IDS Team Meeting
30-31 March 2006

Main Laboratory Conference Room
NOAA, NMFS, Narragansett Laboratory
28 Tarzwell Drive, Narragansett, RI

30 March
0830 1.0 Welcome and local logistics (O'Reilly)
0845 2.0 Project activities since last meeting (Hofmann, McClain)
0900 3.0 Updates on project component activities (20-30 minute presentations)
3.1 Analyses of SAB satellite-derived data sets (Signorini, McClain)
3.2 Comparison of seasonal cycles and inter-annual anomalies in satellite-derived chlorophyll an d SST: Northeast vs. southeast U.S. (O'Reilly, McClain, Signorini, Belkin)
3.3 Summary of ODU hydrography data sets and coastal shelf work and progress on DOC and CDOM algorithms (Mannino)
3.4 Air-sea flux, oxygen and mixed layer depth analyses (Siewert)
3.5 Biogeochemical model update and NENA simulations (Fennel, Previdi)
3.6 Implementing dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen in ROMS: description of processes, potential impact on carbon export and proposal for modeling (Jean-Noel Druon)
3.7 Circulation model update (Haidvogel)
3.8 Implementation of 1D model for SAB and data assimilation studies (Friedrichs)
3.9 Preliminary results with RegCM3 regional climate model over the eastern U.S. and Atlantic driven by a decade of GCM meteorology (Pollard)
1015 Coffee Break
1030 Continue component presentations
1215 Lunch
1330 4.0 Validation of Ocean Color Products for the East Coast (Ajit Subramaniam)
4.1 Discussion of collaboration between projects (All)
Continue component presentations, if needed, following presentation and discussion.
5.0 Discussion of model simulations and analyses
5.1 Discussion of potential papers
1515 Coffee Break
1530 Continue discussions
1730 Adjourn
1830 Dinner - TBA
31 March
0830 Review of previous day's activities (Hofmann, McClain)
0845 6.0 Project Business: begin discussions
6.1 2006 Annual Report (Hofmann)
6.2 Project article for Oceanography (Hofmann)
6.3 Presentation/posters for Ocean Color Research Team Meeting (All)
6.4 Meetings to target (All)
6.5 Personnel changes (McClain, Hofmann)
6.6 Team web site (Hofmann)
6.7 Project Communication biweekly teleconferences (Hofmann)
6.8 Set date and venue for next team meeting in Fall 2006
0945 Coffee Break
1000 7.0 Climate-related interannual variability of potential new production over the western North Atlantic Ocean (Jim Bisagni and Avijit Gangopadhyay)
7.1 Discussion of collaboration between projects (All)
1115 Continue discussions of project business
1215 Lunch
1315 Continue discussions if needed and/or Adjourn

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