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Agenda, May 2004

First NASA IDS Team Meeting
24-26 May 2004

Room 236
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA

24 May
1300 1.0 Welcome and local logistics (Hofmann)
1315 2.0 Review of project goals, objectives, and modifications resulting from budget reductions (Hofmann, McClain)
1345 3.0 Begin discussion of project components - the intent of this discussion is to make team members aware of what is now available to begin project
(each presentation should be about 15-20 minutes in length)
3.1 Satellite-derived data sets (McClain, O'Reilly)
3.2 In situ data sets
3.2.1 Nutrient data sets (Najjar)
3.2.2 Carbon data sets (Lee)
3.2.3 DOC and data to be acquired (Mannino)
3.2.4 Others?
3.3 Circulation model including diagnostics (Haidvogel, Wilkin)
3.4 Structure of the biogeochemical model now in circulation model (Fennel, Wilkin)
3.5 Biological model available for South Atlantic Bight (Hofmann, Friedrichs)
3.6 Regional climate model (Najjar)
3.7 Biological data assimilation (Friedrichs)
1500 Coffee Break
1515 Continue discussion of project components
1700 Adjourn for Day
1830 Dinner at local restaurant
25 May
0830 Finish discussion of project components from previous day, if needed.
4.0 Begin discussion of how to handle estuarine-land fluxes.
1015 Coffee Break
1030 5.0 Discuss and come to a consensus on the structure/processes to be included in the biogeochemical/carbon cycling model and identify the differences that exist between the Mid and South Atlantic Bights (All)
1215 Lunch - Catered Crittenton Hall
1315 Continue discussion of model structure, if needed.
6.0 Begin discussion of the data products/analyses that are needed to guide the circulation, biogeochemical/carbon cycling model development, calibration and verification, including development of data climatologies (All)
1500 Coffee Break
Continue discussion of models, data products/analyses and climatologies
1700 Adjourn for Day
1830 Dinner at local restaurant
26 May
0830 Summarize and continue discussion from previous day, if needed (All)
1030 Coffee Break
1045 7.0 Computer resource needs and how to obtain these (Wilkin, Najjar, Friedrichs)
1100 8.0 Discussion of potential circulation, biogeochemical, and climate simulations to be undertaken (All)
1215 Lunch - Catered Crittenton Hall
1315 9.0 Project Business
9.1 People needs, e.g. post doctoral investigators (McClain)
9.2 Coordination with other projects (e.g. Doney et al.) (Hofmann, McClain)
9.3 Upcoming Meetings - IMEMS October 2004, Benguela Current Modeling and Data Assimilation Workshop, Fall 2004 AGU (Hofmann)
9.4 Development of team web page (All)
9.5 Set date and venue for next team meeting including a discussion of including members of other IDS groups (Hofmann)
9.6 Other Business (All)
1500 Adjourn

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