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Agenda, September 2005

Fourth NASA IDS Team Meeting
15-16 September 2005

Room 511, Walker Building
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA

15 September
0830 1.0 Welcome and local logistics (Najjar)
0845 2.0 Update on project activities since last meeting, including action items (Hofmann, McClain)
0900 3.0 Updates on project component activities (20-30 minute presentations)
3.1 Satellite-derived data sets from SAB, including primary production algorithm, NASA technical memorandum (Signorini, McClain)
3.2 Satellite-derived data from MAB (O'Reilly)
3.3 DOC, POC, chlorophyll, etc. data sets (Mannino, Lee)
3.4 Update on field sampling activities (Mannino)
3.5 Oxygen data sets and climate model update (Najjar, Pollard)
3.6 Circulation model update (Wilkin)
1015 Coffee Break
1030 Continue component presentations
1215 Lunch
1330 Continue component presentations
3.7 Biogeochemical model update (Fennel)
3.8 Comparisons between ROMS, in situ, and satellite estimates of chlorophyll, productivity, POC, PAR, etc. (Wilkin, O'Reilly, Fennel, Signorini)
3.9 Implementation of 1D model for SAB and data assimilation studies (Friedrichs)
1515 Coffee Break
1530 Continue component presentations, if needed
1600 4.0 Project Business
4.1 Special session for 2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting (Fennel, Mannino, Friedrichs)
4.2 Discussion of other meetings to target (All)
4.3 Post-doctoral investigators and students (McClain, Hofmann)
4.4 Overview of team web site (Hofmann)
4.5 Project communication - biweekly teleconferences (Hofmann)
4.6 Set date and venue for next team meeting in Spring 2006
1730 Adjourn
1830 Dinner - TBA
16 September
0845 Review of previous day's activities (Hofmann, McClain)
0900 5.0 Discussion of modifications, improvements, simulations, etc. needed for circulation, biogeochemical, and ecosystem models, and work plan for the project for the next six months. A part of this discussion will focus on development of a possible manuscript for Science or Nature. (All)
1015 Coffee Break
1045 5.1 Discussion of team presentation for Climate Change Science Program Workshop scheduled for November 14-16, 2005
1215 Lunch
1315 Continue discussions if needed and/or Adjourn

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