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Agenda, October 2006

Sixth NASA IDS Team Meeting
16-17 October 2006

Room 120
Endeavor Hall, Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY

16 October
1030 1.0 Project Business
1.1 Discussion of potential papers - outline of Oceanography paper will be available (Hofmann)
1.2 Upcoming meetings - NACP, MABPOM (All)
1.3 Set date and venue for next team meeting in Spring 2007
1200 Lunch
1300 2.0 Welcome and local logistics (Lee, Hofmann)
1315 3.0 Overview of US-ECoS Program (Najjar)
1345 4.0 Presentations from visitors and discussions (20-30 minutes)
Validation of Ocean Color Products for the East Coast (Ajit Subramaniam)
CO2 Studies in the South Atlantic Bight and Other US and Gulf Coast Shelves (Wei-Jun Cai)
Modeling CO2 Fluxes for the North Atlantic Stephanie Dutkiewicz)
1515 Coffee Break
1530 5.0 Summary of modeling workshop (Lee and Others)
1600 6.0 Begin updates on project component activities (20 minute presentations)
6.1 Remote versus local forcing of SAB chlorophyll variability (Signorini, McClain)
6.2 Comparison of seasonal cycles and inter-annual anomalies in satellite-derived chlorophyll and SST: Northeast vs. southeast U.S. (O'Reilly)
6.3 Progress on DOC and CDOM algorithms for MAB (Mannino)
6.4 Historical data analyses and climate modeling results (Najjar)
6.5 Comparison of ROMS and satellite data climatologies (O'Reilly, Wilkin, Fennel)
6.6 DOM Modeling (Druon)
6.7 Implementation of 1D model for data assimiliation studies (Friedrichs)
6.8 Circulation model update (Wilkin via conference call)
1730 Adjourn
1830 Dinner - TBA
17 October
0815 Review of previous day's activities (Hofmann)
0830 Continue component presentations as needed
1200 Lunch
1300 Continue component presentations, finish project business, discuss manuscripts
1515 Adjourn

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