U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC

Data Survey

8 January 2001

Each science investigator should complete this survey and return it to Julie Morgan before leaving the meeting.

· Every SO GLOBEC project is required to provide data results for access to other researchers and for long-term archiving.

· Below is a questionnaire about the nature of data you will provide.

· The results of this survey will be: (1) posted on the SO GLOBEC web site as a reference to other PIs to help facilitate cooperation between projects, and (2) used by the Data Management Office to help plan for Data Management activities.

· Some questions might not be applicable to your project, but any information you provide will be helpful.


















  1. When do you anticipate having data available for other SO GLOBEC researchers?
  2. O immediately

    O within six months of collection

    O one year after collection

  3. Please indicate the nature(s) of data you plan to provide.
  4. O cruise data (please describe)


    O modeling results


    O laboratory results (please describe)


    O instrument name/type (please describe)


    O other (please describe)



  5. What is the spatial coverage (e.g., meters, km, entire WAP study region) of your data?


  7. What is the spatial resolution of your data?


  9. What is the temporal coverage (e.g., minutes, hours, days, seasonal) of your data?


  11. What is the temporal resolution of your data?


  13. Will your data be provided in a regular gridded format, or in some other format? Please describe in some detail (e.g., approx. number of dimensions, size of dimensions, ungridded distribution map, etc.). This is useful information for model development.



(8) Please estimate (at least roughly) the amount of data you anticipate providing (in Mbytes, Gbytes, etc.).

O less than one megabyte

O several megabytes

O Gigabyte or more

O don't know

  1. The U.S. GLOBEC data management office uses the client/server JGOFS software to serve data over the web. This software permits data to be served from many different data servers. A data server is simply a computer running the JGOFS software and one that is a web site. It is preferable that the data reside at the contributor's site and be served from their computer so that it is more easily kept up to date and the contributor can better control what data are available. However, if for some reason the contributor does not want to serve his/her own data, the data can be copied to the data management office computer and served from there. For more information about becoming a data server see http://globec.whoi.edu/ globec-dir/jgofs-server.html.

In terms of data serving, do you prefer:

O serving your own data from your own computer

O providing a copy of your data to the U.S. GLOBEC data management office








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