Second Southern Ocean GLOBEC Science Investigator Meeting
Arlington, VA
8-9 January 2001

Monday, 8 January

0900     Welcome, Introduction, Logistics (Lettau, Hofmann)

0915     Update on program activities (Hofmann)

0930     Update from NSF and Raytheon (Sutherland, Doyle)

1030     Break

1045     Presentation and discussion of Proposed U.S. SO GLOBEC Cruise Plan (Wiebe)

1200     Lunch

1300     Coordination with Other International GLOBEC Programs (Hofmann)

  • Germany (Bathmann)
  • United Kingdom (Murphy)
  • International Whaling Commission (Thiele)
  • Australia (Thiele)
  • Korea (Shin)
  • CCAMLR (Kim)
1430     Break

1500     NASA Interests (Comiso)

1515     Sampling Methods Discussion

  • Krill Condition Index (Shin)
  • Program Measurements and Protocols (Daly)
  • krill
  • hydrography
  • remote sensing
  • primary production
  • Intercomparisons of Measurements between Vessels (Daly)
  • Acoustic Measurements (Ashjian, Daly)
1615     Data Management Discussion (Wiebe)

1700     Adjourn

Tuesday, 9 January

0900     Review of cruise planning progress (Wiebe)
                    Discussion of Holes in Science Program
                            Identify these and determine if anything can be done

0930     Break into Working Groups
                    As a starting point, these can be the working groups that were set up at the May meeting (listed at end of agenda)
                   or we can try other structures.

1030     Break

1045     Reconvene in Working Groups

1200     Lunch

1300     Convene in Working Groups
                    This could be as two groups that represent the scientists on the two ships, in which case these would be chaired by
                     the chief scientists on the survey and process cruises.

1500     Break

1530     Reconvene in Plenary Session

1700     Adjourn

Potential Working Groups

Working Group 1: Hydrography, Sea Ice, Surface Forcing
Working Group Co-Chairs: Beardsley and Martinson

Working Group 2: Water Column and Sea Ice Production
Working Group Chair: Fritsen

Working Group 3: Krill Studies
Working Group Co-Chairs: Torres and Wiebe

Working Group 4: Predator Studies
Working Group Chair: Costa

Working Group 5: Modeling Studies
Working Group Chair: Hofmann