Third Southern Ocean GLOBEC Science Investigator Meeting
Arlington, VA
10-12 December 2001

Monday, 10 December

0900     Welcome, Introduction, and Logistics (Penhale, Lettau, Hofmann)

0915     Update of program activities (Hofmann)

0930     Overview of Mooring Cruise (Beardsley)

0945     Overview of 2001 Survey Cruises (Wiebe)

1005     Overview of 2001 Process Cruises (Torres, Costa)

1025     Break

1045     Update from Raytheon and NSF (Doyle, Penhale, Lettau)

1200     Lunch

1300     International Whaling Commission Interests (Thiele)

1315    AWS report (Beardsley)

1330    Presentation and discussion of 2002 Fieldwork Plans

1430     Break

1445     NASA Interests (Comiso)
             Comiso, J., "Decadal Changes in the Antarctic Sea Ice Cover"

1505     Elder et al., "Observations of Sea Ice Properties in the Marguerite Bay Region during Spring"

1525     Continue discussion of 2002 cruise planning

             Break into smaller groups as needed, e.g., process and survey cruises

1700     Adjourn

Tuesday, 11 December

0850     Introduction (Hofmann)

0900     Limeburner, R. et al., "Drifter measurements of near-surface flow over the West Antarctic Peninsula shelf during austral summer-fall 2001"

0920     Hofmann, E.E. et al., "Hydrographic Distributions in Marguerite Bay: Seasonal and Oceanic Effects"

0940     Fanning, K. et al., "Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients on GLOBEC Cruises NBP01-03 and NBP01-04"

1000     Howard, S.L. et al., "ADCP measurements on the Western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf"

1020     Fritsen, C. et al., "Physical-Biological Interactions Influencing the Distribution and Dynamics of Winter Sea Ice Microbial Communities of the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

1040     Break

1100     Ashjian, C. et al., "Distribution of Larval Krill and Zooplankton on the Continental Shelf of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula: Preliminary Results from Southern Ocean GLOBEC Cruises"

1120     Torres, J.J. et al., "SO GLOBEC: Metabolism of winter krill"

1140     Lawson, G. et al., "Broad-scale Distribution of Zooplankton Acoustic Backscattering in Continental Shelf Waters of the Western Antarctic Peninsula During Austral Fall and Winter 2001"

1200     Lunch

1300     Daly, K., "Overwintering Strategies and Predation on Antarctic Krill"

1320     Gallager, S.M. et al., "Seasonal changes in the association of larval krill with its potential microplankton food resource along the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

1340    Harvey, H.R. and S.-J. Ju, "Biochemical Determination of Age Structure and Diet History of the Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba, during Austral Winter"

1400     Zhou, M. et al., "Krill distribution and physical fields observed during the first process cruise"

1420     Flierl, G., "Patch formation: physical and biological processes"

1440     Break

1500     Fraser, B., "Winter movements and foraging by AdJ lie penguins in the Marguerite Bay region of the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

1520     Moore, S.E., et al., "Mysticete Whale Acoustic Census Within the SO GLOBEC West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) Region"

1540     Burns, J. et al., "Movement and diving patterns of crabeater seals during the Antarctic winter"

1600     Friedlaender, A. et al., "A Preliminary Analysis of Baleen Whale Distribution Around the Western Antarctic Peninsula in the Austral Fall and Winter"

1620     Ribic, C. and E. Chapman, "Abundance and distribution of seabirds and crabeater seals during SO GLOBEC I and II"

1640     General Discussion

1715     Adjourn

Wednesday, 12 December

0850     Introduction (Hofmann)

0900     Hyatt, J. et al., "Vertical Fine Structure Beneath the Ice of the Western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf in Austral Winter 2001"

0920     Beardsley, R. et al., "Surface Forcing over the West Antarctic Peninsula Shelf During Austral Summer-Fall 2001"

0940     Klinck, J.M. et al., "A Model Study of Circulation and Biogeochemical Processes on the West Antarctic Peninsula"

1000     Rosenwaks, G. et al., "Distribution of Krill and Zooplankton on the Continental Shelf of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula: Preliminary Results from MOCNESS Samples"

1020     Break

1040     Donnelly, J. et al., "GLOBEC meets APIS: the character of the pelagic fish fauna in waters of the western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf and the eastern Ross Sea"

1100     Wiebe, P. et al., "The Use of a High Powered Strobe Light to Increase the Catch of Antarctic Krill by a 1-m2 MOCNESS"

1120     Vernet, M., "Phytoplankton production off Marguerite Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula, Winter 2001"

1140     Data management issues (Wiebe)

1200     Lunch

1300     General discussion of cruise planning, etc.

1500    Adjourn