Southern Ocean GLOBEC Automatic Weather Station Report
December, 2001

AWS Deployment
 Two AWSs deployed in Marguerite Bay     on NBP01-03:
     AWS # 8930 (Kirkwood Island)
     Installation - May 25; Fixed - May 30
  AWS # 8932 (Dismal Island)
     Installation - May 27

R.M. Young wind monitor
Ta, RH, BP
ARGOS link to
    Antarctic Weather Research Center
    (AWRC), U. Wisconsin
Data on AWRC    ftp site

"Winds stress"
Winds stress  (N/m^2)
Direction (E)
Ta    (degC)
BP   (mb)
RH  (%)
AWS 8930    AWS 8932

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AWS Status
AWS deployed Marguerite Bay May 2001
        Thanks to efforts of Alice, Jesse, Jeff,
            Dave, Matt, Jim, AWRC
Data through August, 2001 processed and available at WHOI.  Data quality excellent.
Data from August ?