The right plot now shows vectors from 3 different cruises  (the mooring and fall cruises) at 100 m.

A strong coastal current is evident in the plot.  The three cruises seem to agree fairly well.   The presence of a strong coastal current also agrees with WHOI drifters.

The locations of 4 CTDs from the NBP-0103 cruise are shown on the right hand plot as blue dots (CTDs 14-17).

Plots of potential density and temperature/salinity at the 4 stations are shown on the left.  The T-S plot shows that the surface water in the coastal current is warm relative to the outside world: the 2 station closest to the coast (15 and 16: in the current) have much different surface water properties than adjacent stations (14 and 17). The lateral gradient of potential density (upper-left) across the current suggests a surface-intensified current, consistent with the ADCP and the strong southward drift of WHOI near-surface drifters.