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WinDSSOcK: Winter Distribution and Success of Southern Ocean Krill: 2001 Drifter Measurements


WOCE SVP Drifter

Gould Cruise Mar 18 Apr 13, 2001

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Seasonal Sea Ice Distribution

Large-scale Drifter Tracks

Marguerite Bay Drifter Tracks

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Rothera LP Windstress

Weak Wind Driven Response

Lagrangian Time and Space Scales

The Lagrangian autocorrelation function was computed for each drifter velocity component, and then integrated from zero lag to the first zero crossing of the autocorrelation to give a Lagrangian integral time scale. The Lagrangian space scale was then found by multiplying the integral time scale by the rms velocity for each component.

Mean Flow

Maximum Velocity

Rymill Bay

High Frequency Motion

2002 Field Program
R/V GOULD cruise February 2002

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