29 July-19 September (Gould)

31 July-19 September (Palmer)



July 29                      Gould leaves from Punta Arenas

July 30                      Gould steams to Palmer Station

July 31                      Palmer leaves from Punta Arenas

August 1-2                Gould to Palmer Station and Palmer steams to region

August 3                    leave Palmer Station and both ships steam to Matha Strait

August 4                    arrive at Matha Strait

August 5-6                work at Matha Strait "hot spot"

August 7-9                steam south to station 82

August 10-17            Palmer works survey grid; Gould at site 3

August 17                  Palmer to station 71

August 18-19            steam to process site 2

August 20-27            Gould at process site 2; Palmer in central shelf area

August 28-31            Marguerite Bay station and survey work (predator time)

September 1              transit to site 1

September 2-9          Gould at process station 1

September 10-12      **open days for adjustments to schedule**

September 13-15      Gould to Palmer Station

September 15-19      both ships steam back to Punta Arenas




Notes from discussion

-Predator hot spot is in Matha Strait. This site is a priority.

-Intent is for these cruises to be a fully joint-ship operation.

-The target for the Palmer is to occupy 83 stations (average 3 stations/day).

-Agreement among scientists at Third Science Investigator Meeting (Dec. 2001) to stop and do work with predators, if found.

-Physical oceanographers need to take hard look at station plan to figure out which stations can be occupied and which can be dropped to accommodate working in sea ice.