Sea Ice Variability in 2001 and 2002 in the Antarctic and
B/A Seas

Scientific Motivations:

A rapidly retreating Arctic perennial ice

Trends in the Antarctic Sea Ice

Trends in the Bellingshausen/ Amundsen Sea ice cover

Seasonal ice cover in 2000

Seasonal Ice Cover in 2001

Seasonal Ice Cover in 2002

Climatological Ice Cover

Monthly Anomalies in 2000

Monthly anomalies are very different in
2001 and 2002

Ice Concentrations in the B/A region in June 2001

Ice Concentrations in the B/A region in  July 2001

Ice Concentrations in the B/A region in  November 2001

B/A climatological ice cover compared with 2000-2002.

AMSR-E Sensor Characteristics

Satellite TB intercomparison

Sensor TB and IC spatial consistency

Deviations at
the Ice edge

Ice edge studies

Ocean Mask with SSM/I and AMSR

Comparison of Techniques

MODIS data on July 23, 2002
This data provide good validation for the actual spatial distribution of the ice cover.
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Summary and Conclusions

of Presentation