Southern Ocean GLOBEC

Update on 2002 Program Activities

2002 U.S. SO GLOBEC Activities
Mooring recovery/deployment cruise in March 2002
Process and survey cruises in April-May 2002
Process and survey cruises in August-September 2002

Program Office Activities
Cruise reports for the 2002 mooring cruise, April-May process and survey cruises, and August-September 2002 process cruise have been published and distributed
Report for August-September survey cruise will be available by the end of the year
Article describing SO GLOBEC published in Oceanography reprints are available and article can be obtained from SO GLOBEC web site
SO GLOBEC contribution to an IGBP Science Series Publication on GLOBEC published in early 2003

Program Office Activities (Cont.)
Successful SO GLOBEC sessions at Ocean Sciences Meeting February 2002
SO GLOBEC SSC met 9-10 July minutes available on SO GLOBEC web site
Poster describing 2002 field activities developed and presented at GLOBEC OSM in China in October 2002 copies available
Good representation of SO GLOBEC at OSM

Co-editors of volume are Hofmann, Wiebe, Costa and Torres
Publication is set for late 2003 or early 2004
10 manuscripts received and 8-10 more expected titles and abstracts on web site
Submissions from international SO GLOBEC community

SO GLOBEC-Related Meetings
Zooplankton Production Meeting, 20-23 May in Gijon, Spain many SO GLOBEC related papers
2003 IUGG General Assembly, 30 June-11 July in Sapporo, Japan includes a special session on Southern Ocean research
Abstract deadline is 30 January 2003
Special session on SO GLOBEC at 2004 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 26-30 January in Portland, OR

UK SO GLOBEC cruise in December 2002 and January 2003
UK Scotia Sea Frontal Cruise in January-February 2003
UK mooring deployments around South Georgia in April-May 2003
German SO GLOBEC second phase is Lazarev Sea program in 2003-2005 which will focus on winter processes

Future SO Studies
Early January 2003 the IGBP-SCOR OCEANS program will hold an Open Science Meeting in Paris
Poster describing a new Southern Ocean initiative will be presented
Initiative is circumpolar, international, climate related, focus is on food web and feedbacks to biogeochemical cycles

Future SO Studies
If accepted then there will be a series of international and national workshops to define the science questions and research plans for the program
Target date is 2007 to 2008