Fourth U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC Science Investigator Meeting

Arlington, VA
9-11 December 2002



    Minutes for Monday, 9 December 2002

    Minutes for Tuesday, 10 December 2002

    Minutes for Wednesday, 11 December 2002

Submitted Abstracts

Seasonality of Blue (Balaenoptera musculus) and Fin Whales (B. physalus) in the SO GLOBEC West Antarctic Peninsula Study Area, J. Hildebrand, A. Širovic, S.M. Wiggins, M.A. McDonald, S.E. Moore, and D. Thiele

ADCP and CMiPS data collection during 2002, L. Padman, R. Beardsley, and S. Howard

Tidal modeling, S. Howard and L. Padman


9 Years of WAP (1993-2001) LTER Physical Oceanography: Water Mass Distributions, D.G. Martinson

Multi-scale and multidisciplinary analyis of baleen whale distribution in the Western Antarctic Peninsula, A.S. Friedlaender, D. Thiele, P. Halpin, and S. Moore


The distribution of seabirds and pinnipeds in Marguerite Bay and their relationship to physical features during austral winter 2001, E.W. Chapman, C.A. Ribic, and W.R. Fraser


Evolution of Aggregation Behavior, G. Flierl


Drifter Measurements of Near-Surfact Currents near Marguerite Bay on the West Antarctic Peninsula Shelf, R.C. Beardsley, R. Limeburner, and W.B. Owens


Migration and aggregation behavior of Euphausia superba, M. Zhou, Y. Zhu, and R.D. Dorland

Estimates of vertical mixing rates in the pycnocline, J. Hyatt, S. Howard, and L. Padman


Abundance, Distribution, and Swimming Behavior of Under Ice Larval Krill on NBP02-02 and NBP02-04, S. Gallager, P. Alatalo, A. Scott, A. Girard, and G. Rosenwaks


Ingestion and Clearance of Microplankton and Particulates by Krill Furcilia on NBP02-04, S. Gallager, G. Thompson, P. Alatalo, and K. Daly


Operation and use of the Simrad EK500 on NBP02-04, S. Gallager, A. Scott, P. Alatalo, and D. Allison

Winter habitat use and foraging behavior of crabeater seals along the Western Antarctic Peninsula, J.M. Burns, D.P. Costa, M. Fedak, M.A. Hindell, C.J.A. Bradshaw, N. Gales, G. McDonald, S.J. Trumble, and D. Crocker


Overwintering Strategies and Predation on Antarctic Krill, K. Daly


Acoustic evidence for an intense plankton bloom primarily in the northern sector of the Southern Ocean GLOBEC broad-scale survey grid in the austral fall of 2002, P.H. Wiebe, C.J. Ashjian, S.M. Gallager, C.S. Davis, and G.L. Lawson


Acoustically-Inferred Zooplankton Distribution in Relation to Hydrography, G.L. Lawson, P.H. Wiebe, C.J. Ashjian, S.M. Gallager, C.S. Davis, and J.D. Warren


Nutritional Condition and Diet History of the Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba and Euphausia Crystallorophias During Austral Winter, H.R. Harvey and S-J. Ju


Observations of krill from ice camps during two winter cruises, August 2001 and August/September 2002, west of the Antarctic Peninsula, L.B. Quetin, R.M. Ross, C. Boch, S. Dovell, E. Hessell, K. Johnston, S. Oakes, and A. Willis


Distribution of Larval Krill, Zooplankton, and Particulates in Association with Hydrography in the Water Column of the Continental Shelf near Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, described using the Video Plankton Recorder, C.J. Ashjian, C.S. Davis, S.M. Gallager, and P.H. Wiebe


Distribution of Water Column Zooplankton on the Continental Shelf near Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula during Austral Fall and Winter 2001, C. Ashjian, G. Rosenwaks, N. Copley, P. Wiebe, C. Davis, S.M. Gallager, and P. Alatalo


Spatial, Seasonal, and Interannual Variations in Nutrients in the Southern Ocean GLOBEC Region: Water Circulation and Nutrient Cycling, K.A. Fanning and Y. Serebrennikova


Exploring the impacts of physical variability in the Antarctic marine environment on baleen whale distribution: IWC-SO GLOBEC collaboration 2001-2002, D. Thiele, E. Chester, S. Moore, A. Friedlaender, A. Širovic, and J. Hildebrand


Crabeater Seals as APBTs Autonomous Pinniped Bathythermographs in the Western Antarctic Peninsula, D.P. Costa, J.M. Burns, M. Fedak, M.A. Hindell, and D. Crocker


Southern Ocean GLOBEC: Snow and Ice Studies, D. Perovich


Western Antarctic Peninsula Biological Hotspots and the Foraging Patterns of Adélie Penguins, W.R. Fraser

Seasonal and Interannual Variations in Hydrographic Distributions in Marguerite Bay and Environs, E.E. Hofmann, J.M. Klinck, R.C. Beardsley, and B. Salihoglu

Circulation and Biogeochemical Processes in a Numerical Model of the West Antarctic Peninsula, J.M. Klinck, M.S. Dinniman, and E.E. Hofmann

Metabolic rate reduction as an overwintering strategy: just krill, or other species too?, J.J. Torres, J. Donnelly, J. Bellucci, and M. Parker