Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics

A Component of the U.S. Global Change Research Program

Workshop on Southern Ocean Marine Animal Populations and Climate Change

Report Number 5

November 1991

Table Of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Relation of a Southern Ocean GLOBEC study to climate change
    2. The Antarctic marine ecosystem
    3. Site selection
    4. Zooplankton, including krill
    5. Benthos
    6. Top predators
    7. International interactions
    8. Field program logistics

  2. Southern Ocean Field Study: Summary and Recommendations
    1. Relation to climate change
    2. Zooplankton, including krill
    3. Benthos
    4. Top predators
    5. General modeling issues

  3. International Aspects of GLOBEC

  4. Field Program Logistics
    1. Quasisynoptic survey cruises
    2. Process oriented cruises
    3. Remote sensing
    4. Shore-based laboratory studies

  5. Working Group Reports
    1. Zooplankton/Krill Working Group Report
    2. Benthic Working Group Report
    3. Top Predators Working Group Report
    4. Physics/Climate Working Group Report
    5. Modeling Working Group Report
    6. Physiological Rates Working Group Report
    7. Population Dynamics Working Group Report
    8. New Technology Working Group Report

  6. Participants