DATE               U.S. GLOBEC                          INTERNATIONAL GLOBEC

May 1991           Science workshop (La Jolla, CA)                        

June 1993                                               Science planning workshop (Norfolk, VA)            
June 1994                                               Implementation planning meeting (Bremerhaven, Germany)                          

November -         National Science Foundation,
December 1995      Office of Polar Programs funds 
                   3 GLOBEC-related projects for 
                   Southern Ocean modeling studies
June 1996                                               New Science Steering Committee formed         

February 1997                                           SO Planning Group appointed

August 1997                                             SO planning group meeting (San Diego, CA); 
                                                        provided update of implementation plan

September 1997                                          Meeting of IWC Subgroup on Climate Change 
                                                        and Cetaceans (San Diego, CA)              

March 1998                                              SO planning group meeting (Paris, France)

September 1998     Workshop held at National 
                   Science Foundation

March 1999         Announcement of Opportunity      
                   released by NSF Office of 
                   Polar Programs

March 1999                                             IWC Environmental Effects working group workshop 
                                                       (Edinburgh, Scotland); an objective was to design 
                                                       collaborative field study  
August 1999                                            SO planning group meeting (Cambridge, England)              
January 2000       Funding decisions made

April 2000         Interim Science Steering 
                   Committee meeting (Washington, 

May 2000           Science Investigator Meeting 
                   (Arlington, VA)
June 2000                                              IWC meeting (Adelaide, Australia)

January 2001       Second Science Investigator  
                   Meeting (Arlington, VA)
                   SSC Meeting (Arlington, VA)
January -                                              Australian fine-scale krill flux study (60-70 E)
March 2001                                             

March 2001         Mooring cruise

March -                                                German GLOBEC cruise
May 2001                                                                

April -            Field season
May 2001 
July -             Field season
August 2001
December 2001      Science Investigator Meeting
                   (Arlington, VA)
January 2002       Ocean Sciences meeting
                   (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Jan.-Feb. 2002                                          Tentative Korea, Spain, and Peru GLOBEC cruises
March 2002         Mooring cruise

April - 
May 2002           Field season

July -             Field season                   
August 2002    
Oct.-Nov. 2002                                          Tentative UK GLOBEC cruise

Fall 2002          Deep-Sea Research 
                   Special Topics, Vol. 1

Fall 2002                                               Tentative SCAR workshop on Sea Ice

Dec.2002-Jan. 2003                                      BAS Scotia Sea Frontal cruise

Spring 2003                                             International GLOBEC
                                                        Open Science Meeting