22 April 2001
L.M. Gould

Greetings my friends,

We are at 54 20° S 65 20° W. So far Poseidon has seen fit not to kick our butt, but we're not in the passage yet either. We won't know for a few hours yet whether we are going to hammered. Right now the ship's wind sensors are reading 24 kt. Barometer is at 980. I'll sure let you know if it gets ugly.

The mood on the boat is good and everybody is set up and tied down. I had a brief PI meeting tonight and everybody seems copacetic with my straw man station plan. We will probably do a predator search directly following the end of the first process station in the vicinity of station 2 to give our seal and penguin groups a chance at instrumenting some animals after the 5 days in open water. We'll see how it goes. Hope all is well with you. I'm sure you got the news from Paul and Sam about our HTI testing.

My best, Jose