23 April 2001
L.M. Gould

Greetings from 57° S 63° W,

We are out in the passage and have lived to tell about it. Winds are holding pretty steady out of the SW at 20 knots. Seas are about 8 or so, though I haven't looked in a bit. We're rockin' a wee bit and have lost a few personnel, but a lot are still out and about. Ice images are looking promising as I'm sure you've seen. I think we're gonna get lucky at site 3. Things are already icing up south of the bay.

I talked some yesterday to Meng [Zhou] and KD [Kendra Daly] and we came up with a list of data sets that it would be great to get from ya. Don't choke on this, please.

        Temperature contours - can be as processed ASCII text file with head
        Sigma T ditto
        Crude circulation plot
        Predator sightings
        Krill sightings

Let us know what you would like from us and we'll do our best to provide it. I'm thinking it might be best to do a rendezvous when you get here for any exchanges that need to happen. Whaddaya think? If it is OK with you I'll begin seriously testing the waters on this end.

Meng has tried to run Bob B.'s depth-contour generating program and apparently we are missing a subroutine. He is confident that we can generate something that will work, but if we can get it directly from Bob, so much the better. My best to you all.

Cheers, jose