25 April 2001
L.M. Gould

Hi Pete and friends,

Good news on the lack of interference by the shipboard's complement of acoustics, particularly the sea beam system. It looks like KD has licked the problem with our 38 kHz, but there is still noise on the 120 that is being stubborn. There are still some tricks to try with that one; Sheldon, our ET, has some ideas but we're running out of rabbits.

We are sitting outside of Livingston Island waiting for winds to abate so that we can drop off our geology team. The winds have been consistently about 30 knots out of the NE all day, which makes zodiac ops pretty dicey. The current plan is to wait until noon tomorrow and if things are still ugly we may go to Palmer, or just wait another day. So we are standing by. Still have plenty to do! Hope we are not facing nasty winds the whole cruise. This place is already reminding me of George's Bank.

I am going to email Uli to see if he has exact locations for his sediment traps. We may be in that area before you guys, particularly if we are going to get hammered at our offshore station.

My best, Jose