2 May 2001
L.M. Gould

Hi Pete and friends,

Our ADCP survey was complete at 1700 hours 30 April. It was directly followed by two live nets and a MOC 10.
Our moc 10 catch had substantial fish biomass in all but the most shallow net. Two species of myctophid,
Electrona antarctica and Gymnoscopelus braueri, dominated. In deeper nets, Bathylagus antarcticus was dominant.
The biomass here is as large as I've seen in dozens of midwater tows down here. It is assuredly a rich area.
Meng's first deployment of the MOC 1 was plagued with communication problems beween the net and deck unit.
Nevetheless the nets closed on time and the samples were good.

We have been running the CTD once a day at 11 am. Water samples are being processed by Chris Fritsen's team,
Sarah Marschall and Frank Stewart.  Seas are consistently 12-15 feet and winds are mostly 25 knots, which makes
our netting a challenge.

More tomorrow, Jose