April 24, 2001

Message from Uli Bathmann (Polarstern) to Peter Wiebe (N.B. Palmer)

I did get an email from Uli. Some of his message is, I think, of interest to you.  Since I was the
only one the message was addressed to, I will repeat some of it.

Dear Peter,

After 2 weeks in rather rough weather condition at Marguerite Bay, we are now heading south to
perform some sea ice work az about 72° S 84° W. You should have got my 1st weekly report from our
cruise by now (the 2nd might come tomorrow). The baseline: We deployed a mooring along the US A-line
at 66 37.3°S and 71 45.04°W with current meter and sediment traps and an acoustic releaser. The mooring
will be recovered around 1st or 2nd May 2001.

We did not encounter any reasonable sea ice in or off marguerite Bay, except some small field very close
to the coast.  We did find very many krill larvae, nearly no adults, little salps and only a few copepods.
We should establish contact between the two ships Palmer-Polarstern and discuss plans to transfer
Deborah Thiele. In the weather we had so far, neither helicopter flying, nor rubber boat transfer would have
been possible, not to mentions both big ships alongside. We have to leave marguerite bay area by 2nd may
noon to keep our time schedule for the way back to Punta. We will take the Bransfield strait, as personnel
has to be picked up from King George Island.

Uli Bathmann