Guidelines for Special Issue

Deep Sea Research II


Selection of Papers for the Special Issue

The Guest Editors are responsible for the selection of the manuscripts for the special issue. This selection should be based on scientific quality of the papers and the topic of the paper should clearly fall within the scope of the special issue. The final selection should form a coherent and complete set of papers.


Peer Reviewing Process

The task of the Guest Editor(s) is to take care of the strict peer-reviewing process, which is essential to ensure that only quality papers are published.


         Each paper must be reviewed by at least two international specialists (three in case of doubt) and revised in accordance with their comments.

         If major revision is asked for by one of the referees it might be reviewed again by at least one referee.

         The referees are the choice of the Guest Editor.

         Guest Editors should not be involved as (first) author for multiple manuscripts included in the special issue.

         The number of contributing authors who are also used as reviewers should be limited.

         In order for the responsible Editor-in-Chief to make informed decisions, he must see all relevant correspondence made between the Guest Editor and the author.



At the journalís web site you will find the journalís Guides for Authors. Please refer all authors to this Guide and make sure that they follow this carefully. Review forms are sent to you to assist you in the preparation of the issue.


Time Schedule

It is recommended that you establish a time schedule and inform contributing authors of deadlines for the submission of manuscripts, etc. This ensures that the project is not delayed too much. Please inform/update your contact person at Elsevier and inform him/her of the status/timing of the project regularly. The time schedule for submission, review and receipt of papers at Elsevier, which you initially agreed upon with Elsevier, must be adhered to. Changes in the time schedule are possible, if mutually agreed upon.


Guest Editors should not delay too long awaiting the last difficult papers. Authors should be informed of a detailed time schedule in advance, and those papers which are not delivered in time can eventually be published in a regular issue of the journal - assuming that the Editor-in-Chief approves publication.


Maximum Size

The maximum number of printed pages should not exceed 500.


Ocean News and OceansDirect

We will require a short piece about the issue for inclusion in the Elsevier newsletter and web site.This needs to be 100-150 words long, summarising the research represented by the issue.


Manuscripts on Diskette

To speed up publication time and reduce the possibility of typing errors, submission of manuscripts/figures on disk is mandatory. Authors should be clearly informed that it is absolutely necessary to submit both a hard copy and an electronic version of the final manuscript.


Colour Illustrations

Originals of all illustrations should be included with the accepted manuscript. Printing of colour illustrations is possible at author's cost. The price is Euro 350/US$ 350 for the first page (independent of the number of colour figures on that page) and Euro 175/US$ 175 for subsequent pages.



Cover Illustrations

There is a fixed size for the cover illustrations, that Guest Editors have to abide by. The size should be exactly 115 x 144 mm (h x w); of this about 5 mm of the width will be cut off the right hand side, so this has to be taken into consideration when designing the illustration.



When sending us the complete set of papers, please ensure that you enclose the following:

         date of receipt and date of recommendation for publication

         order of papers as they are to appear in the issue

         names, complete addresses, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of all (corresponding) authors and Guest Editors

         hard copy ofFINAL manuscripts, original figures, a disk with electronic version for each manuscript

         logo or sponsorship information (if necessary)

         name, date and place of conference where papers were presented (if necessary)

         all relevantreviewers comments (+ additional comments by the Guest Editors and authors) including list of reviewers per mss.


         Cover image and caption

         Cover title

         Title for the spine (not more than 35 characters)

         Bulk order (see hereunder for details)


FINAL ACCEPTANCE by Editor-in-Chief

The complete set of final manuscripts, accompanied by all the required information, will be evaluated by (one of) the Editor(s)‑in‑Chief of the journal, who makes the final decision on acceptance of manuscripts in consultation with the Guest Editor. Guest Editors are requested to ensure that authors are informed that their manuscript has been recommended for publication. Manuscripts can not be accepted for publication before they have been subjected to a final evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief. If the special issue is approved for publication, a final acceptance letter will be sent to the senior authors by Elsevier.††††††††††††



All first or corresponding authors will receive galley proofs for checking. Please note that if, in your task as Guest Editor, you are interested in receiving all, or part of, the galley proofs of the papers in the specialissue, you should give Elsevier advance notification of your wish.


Free Offprints, Free Copy and No Page Charges

Each senior author will receive twenty five free offprints of his/her manuscript as well as a complimentary copy of the issue. Guest Editors receive five free copies of the issue each. The journals do not have page charges.


Bulk Order Arrangements

Extra copies of the issue can be ordered at a considerable reduced rate. As a guideline, 2001 prices are as follows:


Minimum 10 copies

10-49 copies††††† =††††††††† US $45.00†††††††† Euro 50.00

50-99 copies††††† =††††††††† US $40.00†††††††† Euro 45.00

100-199 ††††††††††† =††††††††† US $35.00†††††††† Euro 39.00

200+†††††††††††††††† =††††††††† US $30.00†††††††† Euro 34.00


These prices include shipment in bulk to one address, but exclude possible VAT.




Kristien van Lunen, Publishing Editor Ocean Sciences

Elsevier Science BV, P.O. Box 1930,

1000 BX Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)20 485 3340†††

Fax: +31 (0)20 485 2696