Titles and Abstracts Submitted for SO GLOBEC DSR II Volume

(*status information for manuscripts follows abstract)


S.L. Howard, L. Padman, and J. Hyatt, Small scale mixing on the western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf  

J.M. Klinck, E.E. Hofmann, R.C. Beardsley, B. Salihoglu, and S. Howard, Water Mass Properties and Circulation on the west Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf in Austral Fall and Winter 2001

K.L. Daly, Overwintering Growth and Development of Larval Euphausia superba: An Interannual Comparison Under Varying Environmental Conditions West of the Antarctic Peninsula

J.M. Burns, D.P. Costa, M. Fedak, C.J.A. Bradshaw, M.A. Hindell, G. McDonald, S.J. Trumble, E. Chittick, M. Gray, N. Gales, J. Barnes, S. Shaffer, K. Kuhn, P. Lovell, and D. Crocker, Winter habitat use and foraging behavior of crabeater seals along the Western Antarctic Peninsula

S. Nicol, P. Virtue, R. King, S.R. Davenport, A.F. McGaffin, and P. Nichols, Condition of Euphausia crystallorophias off East Antarctica in winter in comparison to other seasons

R.M. Ross, L.B. Quetin, T. Newberger, and S.A. Oakes, Growth and behavior of larval krill (Euphausia superba) under the ice in late winter 2001 west of the Antarctic Peninsula

E.A. Pakhomov, A. Atkinson, B. Meyer, B. Oettl, and U. Bathmann, Growth and daily rations of larval krill Euphausia superba in the Eastern Bellingshausen Sea during austral autumn with a limited emphasis on feeding dynamics of other zooplankton

N.J. Gales, W.R. Fraser, D.P. Costa, and C. Southwell, Do crabeater seals forage cooperatively?

D. Thiele, E. Chester, S. Moore, A. Friedlaender, A. Širovic, and J. Hildebrand, Exploring the impacts of physical variability in the Antarctic marine environment on baleen whale distribution: IWC-SO GLOBEC collaboration 2001-2002

A. Širovic, J. Hildebrand, S.M. Wiggins, M.A. McDonald, S.E. Moore, and D. Thiele, Seasonality of blue and fin whale calls west of the Antarctic Peninsula

S-J. Ju and H.R. Harvey, Nutritional Condition of the Antarctic Krill Euphausia superba and Euphausia crystallorophias During Austral Winter

H.G. Kawall, J. Donnelly, S.P. Geiger, and J.J. Torres, Metabolism of Antarctic Micronektonic Crustacea Across a Summer Ice Edge Bloom: Respiration, Composition, and Enzymatic Activity

T.M. Lancraft, K.R. Reisenbichler, B.H. Robison, T.L. Hopkins, and J.J. Torres, A krill-dominated micronekton and macrozooplankton community in Croker Passage, Antarctica with an estimate of fish predation


E.W. Chapman, C.A. Ribic, and W.R. Fraser, The distribution of seabirds and pinnipeds in Marguerite Bay and their relationship to physical features during austral winter 2001


M. Zhou and R.D. Dorland, Aggregation and migration behavior of Euphausia superba Dana

M.S. Dinniman and J.M. Klinck, A model study of circulation and cross shelf exchange on the west Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf

G.L. Lawson, P.H. Wiebe, C.J. Ashjian, S.M. Gallager, C.S. Davis, and J.D. Warren, Acoustically-Inferred Zooplankton Distribution in Relation to Hydrography West of the Antarctic Peninsula

Y.M. Serebrennikova and K.A. Fanning, Spatial, Seasonal, and Interannual Variation in Nutrients in the Southern Ocean GLOBEC Region: Water Circulation and Nutrient Cycling

M. Zhou, Y. Zhu, and J.O. Peterson, Growth and mortality of mesozooplankton during the austral winter in Marguerite Bay and its vicinity

R.C. Beardsley, R. Limeburner, and W.B. Owens, Drifter Measurements of Surface Currents Near Marguerite Bay on the West Antarctic Peninsula Shelf During Austral Summer and Fall

C.J. Ashjian, G.A. Rosenwaks, P.H. Wiebe, C.S. Davis, S.M. Gallager, N.J. Copley, G.L. Lawson, and P. Alatalo, Distribution of Zooplankton on the Continental Shelf of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, during Austral Fall and Winter, 2001

D.K. Perovich, B.C. Elder, K.J. Claffey, S. Stammerjohn, R. Smith, H.R. Krouse, and A.J. Gow, Sea Ice Properties in the Marguerite Bay Region During Winter