Fourth SO GLOBEC Science Steering Committee Meeting

9-10 July 2002

National Science Foundation, Room 365



Tuesday, 9 July


0915 Welcome and logistics (Hofmann)


0920 Overview of L.M. Gould mooring cruise (LMG02-01A) (Beardsley)

Overview of L.M. Gould process (LMG02-03) cruise (Zhou)

Overview of N.B. Palmer survey (NBP02-02) cruise (Wiebe)

Update on SO GLOBEC bathymetry data (Beardsley)


1030 Break


1045 Continue Overview of 2002 Cruises

Logistical Issues for NBP and LMG August-September 2002 cruises

berth space and inclusion of Argentine observer

equipment needs

meeting of both ship groups in Punta Arenas, Chile

space requirements on ships

update on microstructure measurements for NBP02-04

movement of people between survey and process ships for specialized studies


Science Issues for NBP and LMG August-September cruises

modification of survey station locations

changes in locations of process study sites


Raytheon and Logistics Issues (Doyle, Sutherland)

modifications to Palmer during ship yard time



1200 Lunch


1315 Continue discussion of logistical and science issues for 2002 cruises, as needed

Scheduling and planning for next SO GLOBEC science investigator meeting

Data Reporting

Meteorological data as part of larger world-wide data system

Cruise Reports

Cruise data reports

Submission of data to WHOI data office


1500 Break


1515 Continue Discussion


1700 Adjourn


1830 Dinner at local restaurant


Wednesday, 10 July


0900 Continue discussions from Monday, if needed

Planning for AO for SO GLOBEC Synthesis and Modeling Activities

Representation of SO GLOBEC at International GLOBEC Open Science Meeting and other meetings

Update on first SO GLOBEC Deep-Sea Research special topics volume

Status of SO GLOBEC article for Oceanography Magazine GLOBEC Issue

Mini Science Investigator Workshops (e.g., hydrography and circulation, BIOMAPER environmental data sets)

Update on SO GLOBEC program office activities


1030 Break


1045 Continue Discussions


1230 Lunch


1330 Continue Discussions as needed adjourn when finished