Planning for a GLOBEC-related programme in the Southern Ocean was initiated with a workshop held in La Jolla, USA in May 1991, sponsored by U.S. GLOBEC, that brought together about 40 scientists from 10 countries. At this workshop the rationale for a Southern Ocean GLOBEC programme was discussed at length and included consideration of study sites and target species in the framework of general Southern Ocean ecology. The results of this workshop were published in U.S. GLOBEC Report No. 5.

The next workshop charged with developing a GLOBEC programme for the Southern Ocean was sponsored by GLOBEC International and attended by 26 scientists from 9 countries. It was held at Norfolk, USA in June 1993. The foundation for the SO GLOBEC implementation plan presented here was laid at this meeting and has been published as GLOBEC Report No. 5 of GLOBEC International.

At the meeting held in Bremerhaven, Germany in June 1994 the SO GLOBEC implementation plan was finalised and is presented in this report. To avoid repetition, only the conclusions but not the rationale for selection of target species and choice of study sites have been presented here. The reader is referred to GLOBEC Report No. 5 for the relevant discussions.

A version of this report is available via the World Wide Web (WWW) at the following address:

V. Smetacek

Bremerhaven, Nov. 21, 1994