Southern Ocean GLOBEC Interim Science Steering Committee Meeting

6-7 April 2000

National Science Foundation, Room 365


Thursday, 6 April

1300   Introduction and Welcome

1315   Topics for Discussion

       *Agenda Review
           -Identification of missing topics

       *Discussion of Role of SSC

       *Selection of Study Site
 	   -Discussion to begin with white paper
           -Modifications needed to the white paper

       *U.S. Ship Capabilities
           -Availability of only Gould in second year

       *Other Ships with Ice Breaking Capability

       *Ship Schedules
           -Timing of Research and Mooring Cruises

       *Coordination with Other International Programs
           -United Kingdom
           -International Whaling Commission

       *Holes in the Overall Program
           -Identify these and determine if anything can be done

       *Needed Redundancy in Some Measurements
           -Identify these and determine if anything can be done

       *Data Management for SO GLOBEC
           -There is no funded effort for this

       *Program Office and Coordination
           -There is no funded effort for this

       *Incorporation of Interested Groups
           -Sea ice studies by NASA/GSFC
           -Circulation modeling studies by other groups
           -WCRP International Programme for Antarctic Buoys
           -Testing of Prototype Instruments

       *Program Logistics
          -Purchase of long-lead time equipment
          -Ship staffing

1700   Adjourn

1830   Dinner as a group to continue discussions

Friday, 7 April

0830   SSC reconvene

       *Continue discussion of topics

1200   Lunch

1300   Reconvene

1600   Adjourn