Appendix 3

List of Acronyms

ADEOS     Advanced Earth Observing Satellite
ANARE     Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
ARGOS     Satellite Location and Data Collection System
AVHRR     Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
BIOMASS   Biological Investigations of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks
CCAMLR    Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
CCAS      Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
CEMP      CCAMLR Ecosystem Monitoring Programme
DMSP      Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
EASIZ     Ecology of the Antarctic Sea-Ice Zone
ECOPS     European Committee for Ocean and Polar Sciences
ERS-1     Earth Resources Satellite-1
GLOBEC    GLOBal ocean ECosystems dynamics
GOEZS     Global Ocean Euphotic Zone Study
GOOS      Global Ocean Observing System
GOS-SOE   Group of Specialists on Southern Ocean Ecology
GPS       Global Positioning System
ICES      International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
ICSU      International Council of Scientific Unions
IGBP      International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IOC       Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IWC       International Whaling Commission
JARE      Japanese Antarctic Research Expeditions
JGOFS     Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
LEOS      Low Earth Orbiting Satellites
LOICZ     Land Ocean Interaction in the Coastal Zone
MOS1B     Marine Observation Satellite-1
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
PICES     Pacific International Council for Exploration of the Sea
ROV       Remotely Operated Vehicle
SAR       Synthetic Aperture Radar
SCAR      Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCOR      Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
SeaWiFS   Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor
SOC       Southern Ocean Committee
SOE       Southern Ocean Ecology
SO GLOBEC Southern Ocean GLOBal ocean ECosystems dynamics
SPOT      Systeme pour l'observation de la Terre
SSMI      Special Sensor for Microwave/Imaging
SSC       Science Steering Committee
SST       Sea Surface Temperature
TOPEX     Ocean Topography Experiment
UNESCO    United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
WMO       World Meteorological Organization
WOCE      World Ocean Circulation Experiment