Paris, France

17 March 1998

1.0 Introductions, GLOBEC Report No. 7A, Minutes from last meeting (Hofmann)

2.0 Discussion and Scheduling of Regional Planning Meetings

Ensuring that the Southern Ocean GLOBEC program is a well coordinated and integrated program is the top priority for our meeting. This discussion is to solidify planning for the regional meetings. The needed output from this discussion is a draft schedule for SO GLOBEC field season and the regional planning meetings that are needed to ensure that the field program is well defined.

All participants are requested to bring the necessary information (e.g., ship availability) for this discussion.

Mark Huntley and Steve Nicol are asked to lead this discussion.

3.0 Discussion of Southern Ocean GLOBEC planning office (Supporting material in folder---e-mail sent 24 November 1997)

This is an issue that was identified as a high priority at the planning group meeting in San Diego, CA. All members should come prepared to discuss this issue and to bring relevant information from their institutions.

Hofmann will lead this discussion.

4.0 Formalization of Working Group Structure, Membership, and Chairmanship (Supporting material in folder)

We need to finalize working groups and membership so that these groups can begin deliberations.

John Croxall is asked to lead this discussion.

5.0 Representation of Southern Ocean GLOBEC at meetings and workshops, e.g., SCAR meeting in New Zealand (Supporting material in folder)

It is important that SO GLOBEC receive wide publicity and feedback from the larger community. Therefore, we need to develop a list of meetings where SO GLOBEC should be featured and assign various members of the planning group the responsibility of publicizing the program at these meetings, either through oral or poster presentations. All planning group members are requested to come prepared to discuss this.

Hofmann will lead this discussion.

6.0 Report on IWC collaboration (Supporting material in folder)

Phil Hammond is asked to lead this discussion.

7.0 Update on CCAMLR Synoptic Survey

Denzil Miller is asked to lead this discussion.

8.0 Southern Ocean GLOBEC publications, e.g., IGBP volume

Hofmann will lead this discussion.

9.0 Scheduling of additional working group meeting(s) during the GLOBEC Open Science Meeting

10.0 Other Information