Status Report April 14, 2002 (LMG02-03)

From LMG Chief Scientist, Jose Torres to NBP Chief Scientist, Peter Wiebe


Hi Pete,


We are now headed for our first sampling locale, which is the east coast of Lavoisier. We will be doing zodiac-based seal/penguin/whale ops there during the day and, depending on biological activity, either head south for an ADCP survey in northern Hanusse Bay, or sample the east coast of Lavoisier with acoustics and nets. A good time will be had by all.


We have revised our revised cruise plan again, and I will get that to you tomorrow. We held a PI forum and decided it made the most sense to follow the Crystal Sound work with station 5 to preserve the maximum synopticity. So our trip to the shelf break will be delayed by about 5 days.


Hope all is well on the Nattie B.


Best to all, Jose