Status Report April 16, 2002 (LMG02-03)

From LMG Chief Scientist, Jose Torres to NBP Chief Scientist, Peter Wiebe

Hi Peter,


We are having a good day. We are just north of Adelaide, just east of the Matha Strait as I'm writing this and it is a pretty hot area. Meng has picked up several hot spots on the ADCP and after only two days we have three seal tags out, two penguin tags, and had three large (one huge) catches of juvenile and adult krill in the Tucker. There are a lot of seals around up here, and we are seeing a lot of residual pack in addition to some growlers and glacial rubble. Tonight we will be doing an ADCP survey circumnavigating Laird Island and tomorrow will probably look for penguins back at the north end of Adelaide. We will be working our way down through Tickle Channel the day after tomorrow if possible. By the end of the survey tonight we'll have a pretty good idea of the likelihood of that. I'll keep you posted. Are you seeing any juvenile or adult krill in your MOC'S yet?? Any furcilia?? 'These and other questions are keeping us up nights. Hope things are well with you.


My best to all, Jose