Status Report 8 April 2002 (LMG02-03)

From LMG Chief Scientist, Jose Torres to NBP Chief Scientist, Peter Wiebe


Hi Pete,


We are at 54 40S, 65W and the weather is holding nicely. Winds are out of the NNW, bearing about 340 at a speed of 15 knots, temp is about 7.0C. So far it has been Loveboat conditions (knock, knock). Barometer is at a glorious 1008 mb. We will be poking out into the Drake sometime tonight. In fact we may be doing it right now as things seem a bit more hilly.


The labs are pretty well set up and everyone is looking forward to the cruise. As you know, we have an enormous amount of cargo to offload in Palmer and a number of other science tasks that have been delayed due to the fact that there is no deck space, e.g. MOC 10 assembly, Tucker trawl assembly, dive van prep. We will more than likely need to delay our departure from Palmer by about half a day. We need to do a dive check out at Palmer in addition to net assembly.


Our ETA at Palmer at the moment is Thursday the 11th at 1600. I will let you know if anything changes. Ari has seen a humpback and 2 fins in addition to several dolphins. More tomorrow, best to all.


Your friend, Jose