Picture of the Day for 11 August 2002

We completed our transit to the southernmost part of the survey grid.  It was slow going as we got into some very heavy ice and had to turn around to find some ice where the Gould could maneuver on her own once the N.B. Palmer left to continue the survey grid.  Once on station, the ice team immediately began sampling the ice to insure that this is an appropriate site to spend the next seven days and the krill dive team set about creating dive holes in the ice and preparing for their under-ice transects.  We faced the coldest temperatures yet with the thermometer reaching -18ºC or 0ºF!  Working outside at these temperatures for prolonged periods is very tiring.


Today’s picture of the day was taken by Kerry Klaffey and shows the first group of researchers heading out onto the ice to establish our first process station.  This is the first time we have been able to set the gang plank out onto the ice.  This makes movement of gear and people much easier compared to using the crane and personnel basket.