Picture of the Day for 13 August 2002

We continue to carry out our research at Ice Station Sparky. This image shows one of the 3 drifting ice buoys that are being deployed through this cruise. On the right is a rod in which there are 44 thermistors spaced 5 cm apart to measure air, snow, ice and water temperatures. The long arm in the center holds a sonic snow depth sensor and air temperature sensor. The left hand control box houses sensors for barometric pressure, GPS position and the ARGOS transmitter. Hidden under the snow and ice are sensors that measure ice growth/ablation. While we were deploying this drifting ice buoy, the seal team was very busy with numerous seals both hauled out on the ice and also playfully swimming around. The diving team had help on their dives today as the seals were using the same holes in the ice as the divers. Some of the seals would come out on top of the ice to assist the dive tenders. (Photo by Bruce Elder)



The second image shows how much the seals liked the dive hole. Photo by Shonna Dovel.