Pictures from 14 August 2002

(Dan, Scott, Carey, Gitte and Julie)

Representing project BG232, Foraging Ecology of Crabeater seals

This is Dan Costa (chief scientist on LMG02-05), “The Great White Hunter”, waiting for drugs to take affect on the seal “Big Boy”.

This picture is of Julie Barnes, giving the seal, “Big Boy”, his morning dose of midazolam.

This is “Big Boy”. He was an older male crabeater seal that we tagged on 13 August 2002.


This picture shows our long march back from the first seal we did here at Ice Station Sparky. We had to walk and carry all of our gear about a mile away from the ship, across a lot of rough ice. Once we got to the seal, the wind came up and it started snowing. Fortunately, the snow stopped and we had no problem completing the seal and getting back.