Picture of the Day for 19 August 2002

The inhabitants of the L.M. Gould woke up to a very cold and very windy day today.  The temperature fell though out the day to 25ēC by night fall, with winds all day long ranging from 25 to 40 knots.  The winds whipped up the snow all day today and caused such poor visibility after nightfall that both ships were stopped for a couple of hours waiting for conditions to improve.


 Despite the cold temperatures and winds, science continued on.  A CTD was done during the early morning hours.  The ice team sampled a nearby ice floe and the divers went into the water for about an hour in their continuing search for krill.   In the late afternoon the L.M. Gould continued looking for a good site for the next long term station being lead by the N.B. Palmer.  We are hoping to be able to pick out a site early tomorrow.