Pictures of the Day for 23 August 2002

After 3 days of sunny but cold weather we finally we able to get a break in the activities to take a group photo of the Science/Support Staff for this cruise.  Of course it was sunny in the morning and we planned on the photo for just after lunch.  Well as one would expect about 12:30-1:00 the sky clouded over just in time for the group photo.  Activities today included divers collecting water samples, the ice dynamics team deploying an ice buoy and the ice biota team collecting ice cores.  Not to be let down by the lack of seals or birds the predator teams spent the day working on a new soccer ball.  Veterinarian Julie Barnes gave it the final touch with her superb surgical skills.  This resulted in a later afternoon soccer match with a number of scientists including some PIs taking part in the fun.  The picture of the day is our group photo taken by a tripod.



Here's a photo of our soccer game.  It's very interesting playing soccer with full antarctic cold weather gear!!


Dan Costa