Picture of the Day for 24 August 2002 

“Paula Shovels”


Work continued at Ice Station Rodin today.  The dive team made multiple dives beneath rafted and ridged ice. They coordinated with the ice team to take ice samples above an area that appeared green from beneath which indicates algae growth in addition to taking their suite of samples from the underside of the ice sheet. The seal team and other scientific members processed samples aboard the L.M. Gould.


The ice team went out to sample a thicker-older floe nearby our ice station.  We found that the ice floe we picked had just over 1 m (40 inches) of snow that had to be shoveled off of the ice surface before coring.  This particular ice floe was more than 4 meters thick.  Today's picture shows ice team member Paula Adkins putting the finishing touches on the snow pit.  Picture taken by Kerry Claffey.