Picture of the Day for 28 August 2002

Today, as we pulled away from ice station Rodin, the ice team frantically scurried about the ice, collecting the last cores and thickness measurements from the piece of ice that we had called home for the last week. Other groups prepared for getting underway in search of penguins and continued analysis of samples already collected. Pictured here is Kerry Claffey in the freezer van (-20C), preparing some ice cores for structural analysis. The ice core is cut into sections and melted onto glass plates. It is then planed to 2-3 mm thick. The photo on the right shows three distinct ice types found in one 15 cm core: fine grained snow-ice on the top, medium grained frazil in the middle, and larger grained columns of ice at the bottom. (Photo by Paula Adkins and Kerry Claffey)