Picture of the Day for 31 August 2002

We are currently steaming around the northern sector of the survey grid looking for a location to establish our 3rd and final process station.  Unfortunately, the last storm has generated a sizeable ocean swell that has broken up most of the ice in this region.  So we are having a hard time locating a good floe to work with.


Ingenuity is always an important component of a long cruise.  In today's picture, we see a game of 9-pin Hall Bowling.  One of the advantages of being in the ice is that there is little if any boat movement.  This makes it possible to use the hall as a bowling lane.  We made pins out of nalgene bottles filled with just enough water and the bowling ball was our multi-functional ball that just a few days earlier was used for soccer on the ice.  These evening activity gives a nice close to a day of hard work in the labs analyzing samples.  (Photo by Dan Costa).