Picture of the Day for 9 August 2002

We continued our transit to the southern most part of the survey grid.  As the L.M. Gould has limited ability to move around in the pack ice, we must coordinate our movements with the N.B. Palmer.  This requires the two vessels to work together.  This morning started with the sighting of penguins by the Palmer.  The Gould then put our penguin biologists on the ice to put satellite tags on 4 Adélie penguins.  In addition to the penguin team, the ice team went out and collected ice samples. As the penguin team finished, a number of crabeater seals were sighted.  The seal team than moved into action and captured a male crabeater seal.  As the seal team would be at least 2-3 hours, the krill dive team than got into action and carried out a dive to collect krill. Meanwhile the N.B. Palmer carried out a series of measurements in the vicinity of the L.M. Gould. This image shows the L.M. Gould in the foreground, with researchers being lifted off the ice back onto the bow of the Gould.  Meanwhile, you can just make out at the rear of the Gould the dive team returning and off in the distance the N.B. Palmer completing its measurements. Photo by Dan Costa