Picture of the Day for 9 September 2002

We have been completing our final day of on-ice science from the LMG, though analysis of samples in the lab will continue for some time yet. The Dive team completed three dives and the Seal team completed their 16th and “last” seal. Before arriving at this last process station, the last seal the seal team was able to work with was almost 3 weeks ago. However, in the last 4 days, they have been able to study 3 seals. Although all of their satellite tags have been deployed we were still able to complete physiological measurements of the animals diving ability, that is its ability to store oxygen.  One of the amazing things about Antarctic seals is that they are very tame.  In today's picture of the day, two crabeater seals are out maneuvering Scott Shaffer.  The seal team eventually caught one of them.  The photo was taken by Shonna Dovel.