Picture of the Day for 4 May 2002 

The CTD (Conductivity/Temperature/Depth) has 23 water sample bottles, and several other instruments collecting ancillary data. It is typically deployed at three stations per day on this N.B. Palmer cruise. There are two 12-hour watches to collect and process the data and water samples as shown in the top pictures. In the bottom pictures, the watch standers are monitoring the deployment in the forward dry lab. Top left: Yulia Serebrennikova. Top middle: L to R; Julian Ashford, Andres Sepulvede, and Rob Masserinni. Top right: Kristy Aller. Bottom left: Kristin Cobb and Romeo Lariviere. Bottom right: Wendy Kozlowski, Tim Boyer, Sheldon Blackman, and John Klink (Photo by various science party members and crew of NBP02-02)