Physics and Biology of Antarctic Continental Shelf Waters

Ocean Sciences 2002 Special Session
11-15 February 2002
Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Eileen E. Hofmann (
  • Peter Wiebe (
  • Jose Torres (
  • Dan Costa (

  • During the past decade several research programs have focused on the physical and biological oceanography of Antarctic continental shelf waters. Results from these show that 1) the Antarctic shelf region provides a habitat that supports a diverse and productive biological food web and 2) the hydrography and circulation of the Antarctic shelf regions is complex and is linked to variability in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Recent interest has focused on identifying and understanding the physical and biological processes of the Antarctic continental shelf waters that are ongoing in the austral winter. Of particular interest are those processes that determine sea ice concentration and extent, winter primary and secondary production, and winter distribution and foraging ecology of top predator populations. This special session is designed to provide a forum for the exchange of information resulting from these recent programs. Papers that consider 1) linkages between regional physical and biological phenomena, 2) overwintering strategies of plankton and top predator populations, 3) observations of physical processes which influence the physical and biological environments (e.g., cross-frontal exchanges, turbulent mixing), 4) sea ice physics, and 5) sea ice production are especially encouraged.

    The deadline for submission of abstracts for this meeting is 8 November 2001. Information on the Ocean Sciences Meeting, abstract submission, hotels, etc. is available at Also, the AGU newsletter, EOS, gives information on the Ocean Sciences Meeting. The preferred means of abstract submission is via the AGU web page.

    All SO GLOBEC Science Investigators are encouraged to submit a paper or poster for this special session.  Please send a copy of your abstract to the co-conveners when submitting it to AGU.