First U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC Science Investigator Meeting
Arlington, VA
25-26 May 2000

Thursday, 25 May

0800  	Welcome, Introduction, Logistics (Penhale, Lettau)

0830  	Discussion of Role of Science Steering Committee  (Hofmann)

0900  	Discussion of the Role of the Contractor (Sutherland, Raytheon)

0930  	Selection of Study Site  (Hofmann)
        (Presentation of Draft Program Plan

1015  	Break

1045  	Ship Schedules  (Sutherland, Raytheon)
        Timing of Research and Mooring Cruises

1100  	U.S. Ship Capabilities  (Sutherland, Raytheon)
        Availability of only RV Gould in second year
        Other Ships with Ice Breaking Capability

1130 	Discussion of Ship and Equipment Issues (Sutherland, Raytheon)

1215	Lunch

1315  	Coordination with Other International Programs  (Hofmann)
        United Kingdom
        International Whaling Commission

1330  	Data Management for SO GLOBEC
        GLOBEC Data Policy  (Powell)
        GLOBEC Data Management System  (Wiebe)
        General Discussion of data policy

1445  	Break

1515  	Program Office and Coordination (Hofmann)
        (National and International program coordination

1545  	Incorporation of Interested Groups  (Comiso, Hofmann)
        Sea ice studies by NASA/GSFC
	Circulation modeling studies by other groups
        WCRP International Programme for Antarctic Buoys
        Testing of Prototype Instruments

1615  	General Discussion

1700 	Adjourn

Friday, 26 May

0800  	Discussion of Holes in Science Program  (Wiebe, Costa, Martinson)
        Identify these and determine if anything can be done

0915  	Needed Redundancy in Some Measurements  (Wiebe, Torres, Gallagher)
        Identify these and determine if anything can be done

0945  	Discussion of Working Group Structure  (Hofmann)

1015  	Break

1030  	Reconvene in Working Groups

1200  	Lunch

1300  	Reconvene in Working Groups

1445  	Reconvene in Plenary Session
        Reports from Working Groups

1700  	Adjourn

Potential Working Groups

Working Group 1:  Hydrography, Sea Ice, Surface Forcing
Working Group Co-Chairs:  Beardsley and Martinson

Working Group 2:  Water Column and Sea Ice Production
Working Group Chair:  Fritsen

Working Group 3:  Krill Studies
Working Group Co-Chairs:  Torres and Wiebe

Working Group 4:  Predator Studies
Working Group Chair:  Costa

Working Group 5:  Modeling Studies
Working Group Chair:  Hofmann 

Documents Available at Meeting

Draft Plan for U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC program
Current RV Gould and RVIB Palmer Ship Schedules
Schematics of RV Gould and RVIB Palmer
U.S. GLOBEC Report No. 10 (U.S. GLOBEC Data Policy)
International GLOBEC Report No. 7A (International SO GLOBEC Implementation Plan and Data Policy)