First U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC Science Investigator Meeting
Arlington, VA
25-26 May 2000

Survey Cruise Objectives

Purpose of the survey work is: 1) to map the distribution and abundance of krill, their prey field, and predators, 2) to map the hydrography and current structure in the survey area to provide a context for interpreting the biological distributions and their coupling to the environment, and 3) to conduct coordinated smaller scale studies with the process group of krill and their physical/biological environment. Although Marguerite Bay is central to the broad-scale survey work, the cruise track will be determined in part by the presence/absence of ice and adjustments may have to be made to extend the survey further south during the fall cruise to reach an ice-edge region.

On Station Activities during a survey

Primary Work:

  • CTD profile to bottom
  • XBT
  • Turbulence Profile
  • MOCNESS tow (~16 stations)
  • ROV profile (@ MOCNESS stations)
  • SONA buoy deployment (when last out of range)
  • Deploy Drifters when in ice free region
  • Ice core when in ice.
  • Penguin stomach contents when in ice and penguins present.
  • Other work:

  • Repeat work at some stations on grid.
  • Coordinated ship work - fine-scale surveys
  • Krill/MOCNESS/Lighting avoidance study.
  • ROV light quality experiment
  • Shelf water intrusion Experiment
  • Run Shipboard models - Data assimilation - produce nowcast.
  • Cruise Participants:

    	Group			Number in Group		Activity
    Broad-scale mapping
    Ashjian/Davis/Gallager/Wiebe	9(6)		BIOMAPER II, MOCNESS, ROV
    Powell				2		turbulence profile (every CTD Station?) 
    Padman 				1		CTD, XBT
    ODU				1
    Beardsley			1
    	acoustics		2		SONA buoy marine mammal sounds
    	IWC			2		(3-10/day), Marine mammal sightings
    Ribic				2		Marine seabird sightings
    Fritzen				(1-2)		Ice Cores when in Ice Zone (2 hrs/core)
    Fanning				2		CTD-Nutrients
    Vernet				2		CTD-Productivity
    Torres				4		Physiology/biochemistry/small-scale
    Daly				4		process studies
    Zhou				2
    Comiso				1?		July-Aug overflights coordination on 2nd cruise.
    Total bunks needed - max (min)	37 (32)
    Note: The reduction in 3 bunks indicated for Ashjian et al., can occur if a marine tech is present in the BIOMAPER II van to assist in "flying" BIOMAPER II on each watch.