Table 1. Summary of PIs, primary research interest, and proposed measurements and models.


Glenn Flierl (MIT)       modeling the effects of eddies/
                         flows on biology

Bob Beardsley and        circulation and water property        moored, drifter, and float
Dick Limeburner          evolution                             measurements of current and temperature 

Robin Muench and         mesoscale circulation, tides,         shipboard ADCP, CTD/LADCP/tidal modeling
Lawrence Padman          and mixing                            and analysis

Eileen Hofmann, John     hydrography/bio-phys modeling         shipboard CTD/ADCP/circulation, bio-
Klinck, and Ricardo                                            optical and krill models
Locarnini (ODU)

Tom Powell               small scale mixing and krill          microstructure profiling/krill swarm
(UC-Berekley)            behavior                              model

Doug Martinson (LDEO),   snow/ice/water optical properties/    snow and sea ice measurements/models;
Ray Smith (UCSB), and    radiative transfer                    bio-optical and sea ice thermodynamics
Don Perovich (CRREL)

Chris Fritsen (DRI)      distribution, activity, and          productivity (autotrophic and heterotrophic)
                         dynamics of sea ice microbiota       and net growth yields of sea ice biota;       
                                                              Chl a, POC, and PON production assays                       
Gary Griggs [Dave        sea ice biota distribution and       calculated carbon in each taxonomic group
Garrison] and Angela     community composition
Gibson (UCSC)
Maria Vernet (SIO)       water column productivity and        pigments, POC, PON, and chemical composition
                         community composition

Kent Fanning (USF)       nutrient analysis                    hydrocasts, experiments

Robin Ross and           krill association with under-ice     behavior observations, grazing experiments
Langdon Quetin (UCSB)    habitat including behavior;          of larval krill
                         characterization of under-ice 
                         habitat including contrasts with
                         water column

Meng Zhou (U MN) and     krill distribution, physiology,      net tows, experiments, predator net tows,
T. Hallam [Kenda Daly]   and predation; copepod prey          ADCP krill dist., experiments/krill swarm
(U TN)                   abundance                            model

Carin Ashjian, Cabell    zooplankton distribution,            ROV, BIOMAPER, net tows
Davis, Scott Gallager,   abundance--water column and 
and Peter Wiebe (WHOI)   under-ice

Rodger Harvey (CBL)      age/dietary history

Jose Torres (USF)        krill physiology and fish            net tows, experiments, diving surveys, acoustics

Bill Fraser (MSU)        seabird ecology                      diet samples

Chris Ribic (U WI)       seabird distribution and             strip-transect survey

Dan Costa, Jennifer      seal ecology, seal foraging          satellite tracking of seals, seal diet
Burns, and Dan Crocker

John Hildebrand (SIO),   whale acoustic census
Sue Moore, and Mark
MacDonald (NOAA)