Titles and Abstracts Submitted for Second SO GLOBEC DSR II Volume

(*status information for manuscripts follows abstract)


Updates made on 08/14/07.


List of accepted manuscripts:


M.P. Meredith, M.A. Brandon, M.I. Wallace, A. Clarke, M.J. Leng, I.A. Renfrew, N. van Lipzig, and J.C. King, “Variability in the freshwater balance of northern Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula: results from δ18O” (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 507)


B. McDonald, D. Crocker, J. Burns, and D. Costa, "Body condition as an index of winter foraging success in crabeater seals (Lobodon Carcinophagus)" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 511)


C. Geiger and D. Perovich, "Springtime Ice Motion in the Western Antarctic Peninsula Region" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 515)


C.A. Ribic, E.W. Chapman, W.R. Fraser, G.L. Lawson, and P.H. Wiebe, "Top predators in relation to bathymetry, ice, and krill during austral winter in Marguerite Bay, Antarctica" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 517)


C.J. Ashjian, C.S. Davis, S.M. Gallager, P.H. Wiebe, and G.L. Lawson, "Distribution of Larval Krill and Zooplankton in Association with Hydrography in Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, in Austral Fall and Winter 2001 described using the Video Plankton Recorder" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 529)


S. Nicol, J. Clarke, S.J. Romaine, S. Kawaguchi, G. Williams, and G.W. Hosie, “Krill (Euphausia superba) abundance and Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) breeding performance in the waters off the Béchervaise Island colony, East Antarctica in two years with contrasting ecological conditions” (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 532)


J. Donnelly and J.J. Torres, "Pelagic fishes in the Marguerite Bay region of the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 534)


G.D. Williams, S. Nicol, B. Raymond, and K. Meiners, "On the summertime mixed layer development in the marginal sea-ice zone of the Mawson coast, East Antarctica" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 533)


J.M. Burns, M.A. Hindell, C.J.A. Bradshaw, and D.P. Costa, "Fine-scale habitat selection of crabeater seals as determined by diving behavior" (U.S. GLOBEC contribution number 542)


S.T. Bolmer, "A note on the development of the bathymetry of the continental margin west of the Antarctic Peninsula from 65\272 to 71\272S and 65\272 to 78\272W"



List of submitted manuscripts:


M. Marrari, K.L. Daly, and C. Hu, "Spatial and Temporal Variability of SeaWiFS Chlorophyll a Distributions West of the Antarctic Peninsula: Implications for Krill Production"


R.D. Dorland and M. Zhou, "Circulation and Heat Fluxes during the Austral Fall in George VI Sound, Antarctic Peninsula"


G.L. Lawson, P.H. Wiebe, T.K. Stanton, and C.J. Ashjian, "Krill Distribution Along the Western Antarctic Peninsula and Associations With Environmental Features, Assessed Using Multi-Frequency Acoustic Techniques"


J. Hyatt, R. Beardsley, and W.B. Owens, "Characterization of sea ice cover, motion and dynamics in Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula"


A. Verdy and G. Flierl, "Evolution of grouping behavior in krill"


C. Moffat, R. Beardsley, B. Owens, and N. van Lipzig, "A first description of the Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Current"


Y. Serebrennikova, K.A. Fanning, and J. Walsh, "Modeling the nitrogen and carbon cycling in Marguerite Bay, Antarctica: annual variations in ammonium and Net Community Production"


J. Hyatt, M. Visbeck, R. Beardsley, and W.B. Owens, "Measurements of sea ice properties using a moored upward-looking acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP)"


D.P. Costa, J.M. Klinck, E.E. Hofmann, M.S. Dinniman, and J.M. Burns, "Upper Ocean Variability in West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf Waters as Measured Using Instrumented Seals"




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